Setting up Epsagon

Creating an Epsagon account

In order to troubleshoot our recent error with the retail store, let’s create and setup an Epsagon account first.

To create an account, head to Epsagon, and sign up.

Epsagon provides a completely free trial that fits this workshop needs, and much more!

If you need any help with or throughout the setup, you can use the documentation.


Once you signup, you can fill your personal details.

Signup and details

Go ahead to Epsagon, sign up and fill in your details:

If you’ve used Epsagon in the past, please make sure to sign up with a NEW account.



Integrating your AWS account

The integration is straightforward, select the AWS integration, and click on “Integrate AWS”:


Clicking the button will open a wizard on AWS. Select the box and click create stack:


After a minute, the stack creation should be completed, you can head back to Epsagon and see the step is completed:


If you need more details on this step, you can read more in the documentation.

Monitoring your Lambda functions

Epsagon provides an automated tracing library that allows you to gain visibility to every operation and call. You can use the auto-tracing method through Epsagon to quickly enable it for your functions:


Or if it is already open, select the four functions that starts with catalog-shop, and click auto-trace:


To complete the wizard, let refresh our retail store page a few more time (it will generate traces, which will help us to complete the wizard):


Click on view trace button to get into the dashboard.