Congratulations 🎉

Well Done

Congratulations! You have completed Observability with Epsagon workshop.

Recap on what you have learned

  • Learned how to deploy a fully working serverless retail store, including frontend and backend.
  • Learned how to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot exceptions and errors in your distributed applications.
  • Learned how to visualize and understand the performance of your applications.
  • Learned how to leverage metrics, logs and traces to gain observability using Epsagon.

Final Thoughts

While we learned that gaining complete observability can bring us many benefits, as engineers, it is good to dive deeper and learn more. The following post about Best Practices for Serverless Observability can be a good starting point.

We hope that the workshop you completed has given you a better understanding of AWS Lambda, why observability is important, and how to leverage Epsagon can be beneficial for your organization’s monitoring needs.

Next Steps

  • Learn more about the Epsagon.
  • Start gaining observability into your application using Epsagon, and the lessons we learned.

Don't forget to clean up resources that were deployed as part of this workshop. Follow the next module to complete the cleanup.